Lampshades made with Vintage silk scarves
- Lampshades "on order" cylindrical to put on a table or to hang. from 80 to 400 €
- Column "Russian Doll" H 175 x Ø 56 cm 820 €
An unique piece like a totem of memories marrying the designs and colors. Its basic form favours drawings scarves.

Patchwork of Vintage squares of silk
- "Carrés de soi"
curtains one piece with differents sizes:
180 x H 240cm 1020 € / 180 x H 300 cm 1200 €
240 x H 240cm 1260 € / 240 x H 300 cm 1500 €
Ideal for transform a simple room in cosy boudoir, put at the top of the bed, in front of bookshelves easy to install with a mettallic string or a fine curtain bar.
- "Doudou d'adulte"
Stole 180 x 100 cm 660 €
Curl in that stole silk and velvet is a true delight.

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Professionnal prices on request.


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